Thursday, September 6, 2012

Joonas started kindergarten this year. I was worried that he might be a little nervous. But, when I asked him who he wanted to drive him to school (thinking he'd want one or both parents there as security), he responded that he'd like Kim (our carpooling neighbour) to drive him. I guess mommy was the only nervous one:) In fact, Joonas was disappointed that he has gradual entry and won't be going to school for a full day until week 3. 
In true Joonas style, he also managed to soak his pants through to his underwear within 2 minutes of hitting the playground. Pentti had just told him that the slide was probably wet, so naturally Joonas had to go test it out. Luckily, I had brought spare clothes. Unfortunately, since I thought the spare clothes would just sit in his cubby at school, I had packed ugly, almost too small for him clothes with a hole in the knee. What a proud mommy moment to bring your child into his first day of school wearing a tshirt that's too small and "flood pants" with a hole in the knee...
(The picture is from the first day. Sorry the quality isn't that great...)