Saturday, May 7, 2016

Matias turns 11!

This cool guy recently turned 11. Matias is so good-natured and smart. He helps a lot with Emmi and is generally fairly willing to help, especially when it comes to cooking dinner.
For his party this year, he wanted to invite a few friends to go swimming and then to our house to watch the Star Wars movie. It was the easiest party ever, mostly because his group of friends from school are a really good group of boys. Yes, they are "normal" boys who are silly and gross and loud. But they are also sweet and thoughtful and polite. I hope that they remain that way forever.
In the evening, when everyone had gone home, Matias asked if he would sleep on our floor on a mattress as part of his birthday celebrations. Aw; I nearly cried. He's so tall and grown up and yet, he's clearly still our little boy.