Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I mentioned in my last post that I used to work at Eaton's. I hated it. I am just not made for customer service. However, despite my deep dislike for retail, I loved my coworkers. We would gather in the lunchroom upstairs to gossip and drink coffee. There were no assigned tables, or little cliques (except the cosmetics girls, but they don't count). When we had to take inventory on a Saturday night, it became a big party with food. The Christmas parties were well attended. People socialized outside of work. As corny as it sounds, we were really one big family; a true community. That was reinforced a few weeks ago... It has been ten years since Eaton's closed their doors for the last time. Some of the women decided that it was time for a reunion dinner and went about trying to round people up. Although there are some of us who have kept in close contact, most people have lost touch over the years. But we came together to catch up and reminisce. It was great! I didn't realize how special the Eaton's community really was until I discovered later how rare it was. The fact that 40 people can come together after 10 years to talk, or that they would even want to is a real testament to the company and the atmosphere therein.

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Anonymous said...

WOW. 40 people really is something!!!
I miss you all!