Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Things I Miss (sometimes)

I really love my boys. They are so cute and funny. They constantly surprise me and say things that make me laugh. And yet, there are things that I miss sometimes, from those carefree days before kids...
-sleeping in. I am lucky since Pentti often gets up with the boys, but then I feel really guilty, so this still applies.
-putting on clothes in the morning and not worrying that anyone would wipe his face, nose or jammy hands (or worse) on them
-leaving the house without a suitcase full of wipes, extra food, extra clothes, toys etc.
-being able to leave my stuff anywhere and everywhere and knowing that no one else would touch it, or mess with it, or break it
-eating in peace. without having to share.
-spontaneity, as in being able to leave the house in minutes. Now, there are potty breaks, negotiations, tantrums, packing that suitcase of "stuff" to bring along. It is not possible to leave the house, be in the car and on the road in less than 20 minutes. Am I doing something wrong?
Despite all these, I enjoy the boys so much! I (obviously) wouldn't trade them for anything. Still, there are things that I miss about pre-kid life.

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