Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This has been a great summer. We didn't travel any farther than Hope, and yet I feel like I've been able to relax and enjoy the glorious summer. It helps that we (my dad and Pentti) put in a wood deck and I got an awesome patio lounge set for my birthday. We went to Hope, I have read really great books, I have baked and cooked new recipes, we spent our anniversary at the Michael Buble concert and then the Hyatt hotel. Countless hours have been spent at the waterpark, meeting friends and sipping lattes. Here are a few pics to represent my summer:

the patio

homemade blackberry pie

Suncrest waterpark

the PNE
The flight fest in Hope


Ruut said...

I surely miss you!!!!
And I would like to taste that blackberry pie.
Did I already thank you about that that book: "The Help" - so nice. I enjoyed it so much!!

Have a nice day!

Annika said...

So glad you enjoyed the book! It's always a risk to recommend something to read...Miss you too!