Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

One of my friends decided to try for 25 random acts of kindness before the end of the year. I have decided to join her, but being me, I came up with some rules. Well, not rules really, but guidelines that would help define what a random act of kindness would entail for me. First, I decided that I would try to do kindness without money. I could not just go out and buy 25 cute little gifts to give away, since that would be too easy. I may at some point pay for a stranger’s coffee or parking meter, especially if I am running out of random acts to perform, but in principle, no money. Second, wherever possible, I would give the gift of time. For example, I would give about 8 hours of my time to Matias’ school. Although the volunteering would take place over several weeks, it would only count as one random act. Third, I decided random didn’t necessarily have to mean spontaneous. For example, the volunteering is scheduled; I can’t just show up to help out when I “randomly” feel like it. Or, if I decide to have someone over for coffee, I have to schedule it early enough so that I have time to clean. And bake. But mostly clean…Anyway, I will post my list (maybe) in the new year of my random acts of kindness.

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Ruut said...

inspirating. Really.

;) Ruut