Monday, June 27, 2011


I have this interesting curse. Products that I LOVE tend to get discontinued: makeup, food, tv shows, hairspray, clothing brands, restaurant menu items.... The hairspray that I used for years on my thin lifeless hair suddenly got "tweaked" and no longer works for me. My favourite tv show was canceled last month. I could go on...Recently, however, I have been forced to question whether this is actually a curse. Maybe it is in fact a blessing for someone so reticent to change, such as myself.
Case in point; I used to buy Costco's Tribe hummus. For years. I loved the stuff and never thought of buying hummus anywhere else. (I must be a marketers dream come true). That was until a few months ago when Costco discontinued my favourite hummus (as Costco has a bad habit of doing). I was left to complain bitterly to anyone who would listen and either a)try their new brand b)buy the Tribe hummus elsewhere or c)stop eating hummus. With much complaining and reluctance, I tried the new hummus at Costco. Okay, so it was pretty good. But in principle at least, I was annoyed that they had switched brands on me. This was a personal assault on faithful hummus-buying ways. But, I kept buying it because it was convenient, came in a two-pack and I was really starting to like the taste of it. A lot. Fast forward to this past week. I happened to be in Safeway and spotted some Tribe hummus. Yum! I thought I'd treat myself and bought some. If you haven't guessed already...I didn't like it! Compared to the "new" hummus I eat, this Tribe stuff is barely edible. So...maybe being forced into making changes isn't so bad. Imagine what I'd be missing out on if I was still eating bad hummus?

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Ruut said...

Funny. I have been trying some hummus recipes during the last couple weeks.... some more to try and then I can publish what I like the most ;)