Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Highlights from 2013

 Joonas had surgery in January
 We went to Hawaii in March
 The boys attended (and loved) their first overnight camp
 The inlaws visited

Emmi learned to walk. On Pentti's birthday.
 I finally learned to make "pulla" or Finnish cinnamon buns.
 I went to Montreal alone to celebrate my 40th with Mehj

2013 was a great year. There is so much that I could write about: Matias' hockey games, and Joonas' enthusiasm for the piano, visits to Hope, ladies nights with the women from the church, catching up with old friends, the list goes on. And even though there was some cause for worry as well, with Joonas' surgery and Pentti losing his job and my grandma being in and out of the hospital, I feel profoundly grateful for the year that is ending today.
PS. The (terrible) picture of me was the only picture taken the whole time I was in Montreal. I guess I was too busy to take pictures. Anyway, Mehj and I were at a great French bistro type restaurant called Le Grenouille.

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