Monday, May 5, 2014

My Favourite Things

Six of my favourite things right now:

our new table: we've had it for a few months and I just love it. When we have dinner together as a family, it feels like we are really gathering together. Yes, we used to eat together at our old (round) table too, but the feeling was not the same. The table is from Ikea, but it's hard to believe since it looks much nicer than that;)
my animal print crocs: I saw someone wearing these in Hawaii and I didn't even realize they were crocs until I saw them in the crocs store there by accident. I love them. They are so comfortable and people are always somewhat incredulous that they are crocs. I'm even considering buying another pair; just can't decide what colour...
my nexus tablet: can't live without it. I read on it, use it as a calendar, take pics with it. I do everything on it except blog. Maybe I'll try that next...
Burt's Bees tinted lip balm: best lip balm
Saeco espresso machine: best lattes
Roots bag: I had my eye on this bag for a long time. I just couldn't justify the expense. When I got a coupon in the mail, I had to buy it. No regrets; it's perfect for my lifestyle right now.

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