Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finland, Part One; The Good

So there are things that I love about Finland and things that I don't like so much. One of things that I love is the nature. There is so much of it. I mentioned in the previous post that there are more than 150,000 lakes. But there are also trees and wild flowers and parks everywhere. Driving around, you see pastoral views on all sides, kind of like when you used to drive on Knight Street in Richmond way back when and there were flowers and cows grazing in the grass. In Richmond and almost everywhere else, the cows and fields and flowers have been replaced by warehouses and buildings and apartments. Ugh. But not so in Finland.

Anyway, here is a list of the other things that I love about Finland:

the food, its to die for. Chocolate, baked goods, bread, yogurt, candy, cheeses...I could go on all day

the cleanliness the public washrooms are clean and well-supplied and even smell nice; I kid you not

the weather here in eastern Finland, the weather has been great; mostly sunny and warm. This is especially great after the horrible weather we had in Vancouver this spring (btw the weather in the rest of Finland has pretty much sucked, but that's not my problem...)

transportation I haven't taken a train or bus yet but they are awesome here, and run on schedule. So far, I have been able to walk everywhere in Lappeenranta, and that is a good thing in itself. Everything is close by and people walk, or bike, A LOT.

summer cottages everyone has one, and they are almost always beside one of the many lakes

the 'tori' An open air market, kind of like Granville Island, but actually outside. There are flowers and produce and fresh baked goods and people milling around. Every city in Finland has one. This is where we go to get the best lihapiirakka (meat pasty) in town...mmm...I can taste it now, especially looking at the pic above....

Well that's all for now. The next edition, will be the 'the bad'.

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