Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Father's Day (a bit early)

I have a really great husband who is an awesome dad to the boys. I don't know how I would manage, or maintain my sanity without him. On weekends, when he is home, he is usually the one who gets up with the boys and the one who changes all the dirty diapers. During the last week, I have gone out for three evenings and he has stayed home to watch the boys. Now you may think that its only fair that he watch the boys since I stay home with them all day. True enough, but he does work long hours and watching two boys all evening after sitting in the office for eight hours isn't exactly relaxing. So, in honour of Father's Day, I think he deserves an award. Seriously. I am amazed at the number of husbands that I come across who are absolutely no help to their wives in taking care of their kids. I have heard one dad refuse to take his kid because he wanted to get seconds for dinner, meanwhile his wife had eaten nothing. Another dad "makes" his wife take the kids everywhere with her even if he is at home. The more I see the more I think two things: 1. that I (and my kids) won the lottery with my husband 2. that no wonder dads have such a bad rep as being deadbeats. More than anything though, I really wonder about the wives. In the 21st century why would you let your husband get away with that?

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