Thursday, April 10, 2008

My brand new blog

I decided to start my own blog; just for the fun of it. I haven't decided whether I am actually going to share the link with anyone, but since my diary hasn't been written in for ages, why not write a blog. Sort of ironic since I once burned one of my diaries after my brother had read it. Now here I am posting my thoughts on the internet. Hmmm.
So, the first thing to do was to come up with a name. Ugh, that was the hardest part. All the cool titles I could think of were gone. I really wanted to call it Cogito Ergo Doleo, which sort of sums up the essence of ME. First of all, its latin, so the "riffraff" wouldn't even get it. Secondly, it actually means: I think, therefore I am depressed, which I often find to be true. I don't really think that deep thinkers are happy-go-lucky people. Not that I claim to be especially deep of course :) Anyway, the name was taken and so were about ten others that I tried, so I settled on this one, which was available.
The title obviously reflects my love of sleep, which I am sorely lacking these days. I could blame it on my two sons (both under 3) but that wouldn't really be fair. When Joonas was born 5 months ago, I was sleep-deprived because of him. But now, I am staying up reading, surfing the net, chatting on line, doing laundry, watching tv etc until 2am even though Joonas goes to bed at 9:30. So, really its my own fault.


a said...

which one of them read your diary? I bet it wasn't Tim! The two older ones... really, it could be either (but it was Miika, right?).

Annika said...

Of course it was Miika. In fact, knowing him, he probably blackmailed me with it