Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yard Work

I hate yard work. A lot. When I was a kid my worst nightmare was when my dad would announce on a Saturday morning that it was going to be a family yard work day. I would beg, I would cry, I would bargain, I would try anything to get out of it, but to no avail. In fact, the only punishment I remember from my youth (for a "crime" I have long since forgotten) was having to clip all the bushes in our front yard. UGH.
Anyway, there are just two things I don't mind doing that sort of involve a yard. One is shoveling snow and the other, which I was doing this afternoon, is powerwashing. I don't know why these two are "fun" but they are. With the snow, perhaps I like it because it hardly ever snows here :) With the powerwashing, I think its the fact that you can see such a difference afterwards. I dunno. Maybe there is some deep psychological reason why these two things appeal to me; who knows. But this afternoon, with the sun shining, I powerwashed to my hearts content.

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