Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May's Focus

This month's theme is others/neighbours. I will try to appreciate my neighbours and those around me. I will do this by doing random acts of kindness every day.
I actually have really great neighbours. The older couple immediately next door always bring in our garbage and recycling (unless we get to it first and do theirs as well as our own). With two of the families who live in our "row", I started a rotating potluck. Every couple of months the three families get together at someone's house for a potluck. So far, I've really enjoyed it and highly recommend getting to know your neighbours.
Anyway, I am going to focus on kindness toward my neighbours: literally those who live near me, but also those who are my neighbours in a broader sense. Those with whom I interact in my daily life.
On a side note, the daffodils in the pic were a gift from a friend of mine. She bought herself one of these (fake) plants and thinking that I would like one too, bought one for me as well. Just like that. This is the example that I will follow this month, in things big and small.

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