Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

Could you name one thousand gifts in your life? What do you think would happen if you tried? I'm reading this book pictured above, where the author decided to do just that. She wanted to appreciate the moments; she wanted to find joy in the now. So, I've started a list of my own. Every day I am adding things big and small as they happen. Today's highlights included dinner on the deck outside, sunshine glistening on the water in the pool, a morning sauna, and the excited yells of kids playing on the playground on a beautiful sunny day.
This book seems to fit into a theme in my life this year about gratitude and appreciation and slowing down. I don't know why I've been stuck on these ideas, but they just keep coming at me in unexpected ways. The pessimist in me thinks that perhaps something bad is about to happen. But is that any reason to not enjoy the moments now? In fact, if I KNEW something bad was going to happen, wouldn't I try even harder to appreciate every moment?

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Ruut said...

Interesting book and idea!!! I don't think that something bad will happen... it's more that now you have a Season in your life when you have time to concentrate on these things. Attitude change the whole everyday life ;)
Just keep on going! This is interesting journey!!